Services Of Employment Law Solicitors

employment law solicitors provide their services to employers and employees. They help in legal cases involving employment matters. An employment lawyer can also help employers with the drafting of employment contracts. These contracts are needed when hiring employees and workers. Contact this lawyer immediately if you are facing any problem with your employer or employee,
Different Roles of an Employment LawyerWhen working for the employers, these lawyers offer expert legal opinions on hiring practices. They work on legal matters related to the workplace violence, disciplinary practices, privacy concerns, policy conflicts, loyalty issues, proprietary information violation, post-employment competition, and other issues. The lawyers have experience in employment litigation and can help with the drafting of employment contracts. Employees hire these lawyers in cases of wrongful discharge, reduction in workforce, discrimination claim, sexual harassment, employment contract, benefit claims, non-competition obligations, wage and working hour disputes, and benefit claims, among many others.

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Different Types of UK Employment Laws

There are some important employment laws applicable to all employers and employees. Some laws apply in specific cases. The major laws include the employment rights act, minimum wage act, employment relations act, maternity and parental leave regulations, part-time workers regulations, transfer of undertaking regulations, equality act, agency workers regulations and others. The rights of an employee are determined by the employment status which is based on the type of job contract, payment method, and the side responsible for paying taxes. Employees are defined under three categories. The first category covers employees with an employment contract. The second category includes workers who have a service contract. The third category covers self-employed individuals like freelancers, contractors and company owners.

When Do Employees Need the Services of an Employment Solicitor?

Employees can face different types of legal issues with their employer. Sometimes they are dismissed wrongly. It may violate their employment contract. Employees who do not get paid on time or as agreed under the employment contract can file a claim against their employer. Employees and workers who have suffered sexual harassment, discrimination or any other type of abuses at the workplace can file a claim against their employer. All employees enjoy certain rights including a written contract. They are entitled to payments during parental leave, holidays and sick leaves. They cannot be dismissed unfairly.

Services of employment lawyers for the Employers

Services of these lawyers are needed by the employers across all industries. These lawyers advise companies on hiring, dismissal, and other matters related to the employment of the employees and workers. They can help negotiate and settle claims without going to the court. It works well for both sides and helps avoid court and legal expenses. The lawyer ensures the negotiated settlement does not leave any room for future claims. Their job is to protect the interests of their employer client during the negotiations and in the final drafting of the claim settlement.

These lawyers have experience in employment litigation and related matters. Their services help avoid legal problems. If a legal problem does arise, they work for their client to settle the claim. Negotiations take place even when the case is going on in the court. Services of an expert lawyer should be used to ensure the client's rights are protected in the contracts, negotiations, claim settlement and court cases.