Can The Police Help You Move House? Here’s What You Need To Know


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Are you moving house and wondering if the police can help? With all the paperwork, packing, and people involved in a move, it can be overwhelming even with assistance from family and friends. You may find yourself thinking “Can I get help from the police too?”

In this article, I’ll explain what you need to know about getting police assistance during your move. We’ll also look into different scenarios where their involvement would be warranted as well as how much they will charge for their services. Whatever questions or concerns you have about your upcoming move, by the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of where exactly the police fit in and whether or not they should be enlisted for help. Let’s get started!

Can The Police Help You Move House? Here's What You Need To Know

Can the police help you move house?

No, the police are not responsible for helping people move house. They may be able to provide advice on how to do it safely and securely, but they cannot physically help you with the process. It is best to hire a professional moving company or enlist the help of friends and family if you need assistance in this matter.

What Are The Different Types Of Assistance The Police Can Provide?

The police force isn’t just about fighting crime; they provide a variety of services that stretch far beyond merely maintaining law and order. Firstly, let’s consider their role in providing emergency assistance. Whenever you dial the universal emergency number, 911, whether there is a fire outbreak, medical crisis or security threat, it is the police who respond first. They are often the ones to offer immediate help before firefighters or paramedics arrive on scene.

Secondly, police officers conduct community outreach programs aimed at preventing crimes and fostering good relationships with citizens. In schools and neighborhoods alike, officers work tirelessly to educate residents about safety measures they can take to protect themselves and their properties from criminals. They also collaborate closely with communities through neighborhood watch programs.

Lastly, traffic control is another critical form of assistance provided by the police department. Traffic officers ensure smooth flow of vehicles particularly in busy urban areas during peak hours so that everyone can get where they’re going safe and sound.

  • Their duties range from enforcing speed limits,
  • To handling road accidents,
  • To controlling any disruptive activities on public roads.

Each service plays a unique role in ensuring our societies remain safe places for us all while strengthening bonds between law enforcement agencies and communities they serve.

Can The Police Help You Move House? Here's What You Need To Know

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