Welcome to my web page. I am an attorney in Milan, Michigan.  I set up this web page to provide information on certain topics: 

  • Genealogy
  • Milan information, including  historical pictures and restoration project
  • Monroe Community Mental Health information, including the Black Point report in its entirety.  Click on MONROE.
  • Persons with developmental disabilities. Advocacy, to help the person obtain the government benefits he or she is entitled to.  That includes both housing and Social Security.  To find out what your Community Mental Health office is required to do for disabled persons; click on “CMH.”  Or read the Medicaid Manual.  Find out about Special Needs Trusts, or about Guardianship issues.
  • Mental Illness.  How to get what you need from CMH.  Social Security for the mentally ill.
  • Martha’s favorite web sites for obtaining formation about government offices; click on LINKS.
  • Psychotherapy practices and false memories. How someone can believe in a memory when the event never happened. Legal ramifications of false accusations.
  • Open government. Public access to records held by government agencies. Freedom of Information Act.
  • Regional planning in the Milan area. How ordinary citizens can take charge of their own future.
  • Science appreciation.  How to be skeptical of wild or hysterical claims, especially health or medical claims and “cures.”  How to use critical thinking for the evaluation of trendy ideas.

This web page was started in July, 2000, and I am adding new material all the time. If you want to know more about my career, read my resume. Or, take a look at articles I’ve written which were published.  There is some biographical information here as well.  

What kind of law practice do I have?  Mainly civil matters, such as wills and probate.  I like to help people with disability issues, especially Social Security.  I handle bankruptcy, divorce, and h