Who Played Charlotte On FBI International? Here’s What We Know


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Are you a fan of the hit TV series FBI International? If so, then chances are you already know who plays Charlotte, the show’s most beloved character. But if you’re not too familiar with the show or just curious about who plays such an iconic role, then I’m here to answer your questions! In this article I’ll tell you everything there is to know about the actress behind Charlotte: her real name, where she came from and what other roles she has played in her career.
We’ll also take a look at some interesting facts about the show itself – from its origins to its most popular episodes. By the end of it all, you should have a better understanding of why FBI International remains one of today’s top dramas on TV. So don’t wait any longer – let’s get started!

Who Played Charlotte On FBI International? Here's What We Know

Who played Charlotte on FBI International?

Alana de la Garza played Charlotte on FBI: International. She is best known for her roles in Law & Order, CSI: Miami and Forever. De la Garza has been a series regular since 2019 when she was cast as Special Agent Isobel Castille on CBS’s drama series FBI.

Background Information On FBI International Show

The FBI International Show is a thrilling and captivating television drama series. It’s an action-packed program that keeps you at the edge of your seat from start to finish, your eyes glued to the screen in anticipation of what might happen next. Certainly one show not for the faint-hearted!

The series showcases different teams within The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), each with its unique set of skills and roles. These skilled agents are portrayed as their real-life counterparts; displaying precision, intelligence, courage, and a strong sense of duty. Their mission? To keep America safe by solving high-stakes cases that cross international borders.

  • The Fly Team: Highly trained in tactical missions.
  • The Intelligence Team: Proficient in deducing accurate information from clues.
  • The Negotiation Team: Expert communicators who are critical during volatile situations.

Despite being about law enforcement, FBI International Show has a human side that viewers can relate with. The characters have flaws, make mistakes but learn from them, leading to personal growth throughout the series. Authenticity rings through every episode as it ingeniously weaves professional tasks with personal lives – love interests spark up amidst tense investigation scenes while friendships get tested under pressure.

Who Played Charlotte On FBI International? Here's What We Know

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