Will A Sealed Record Show Up On An FBI Check? Here’s What You Need To Know


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Have you ever wondered what happens to your criminal record once it’s been sealed? Do you need to worry if an FBI background check will reveal this information? Knowing the answer to these questions can be important when applying for a job, housing, or other opportunities. In this article, I’m here to clear up any confusion and provide useful insight so that you know exactly what to expect when it comes time for your FBI check. From understanding the basics of sealing records and why they become visible again in certain cases – I’ll provide all the information you need regarding whether or not a sealed record shows up on an FBI check. So let’s get started!

Will A Sealed Record Show Up On An FBI Check? Here's What You Need To Know

Will a sealed record show up on FBI check?

No, a sealed record will not show up on an FBI check. Sealed records are generally kept confidential and cannot be accessed by the public or private entities. The only way to access these records is through a court order from the relevant jurisdiction.

When Will A Sealed Record Show Up On An FBI Check?

It’s important to understand that when a record is sealed, it doesn’t just disappear. A “sealed” record means the details of your case are hidden from public view but not entirely erased. Now, you might wonder when such records will show up on an FBI background check.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) checks, also known as Identity History Summary Checks, have access to a comprehensive database where sealed records may still lurk. While they don’t always appear in local or state checks, these records can emerge during an FBI check because it dives deeper into your history and encompasses national data. So yes, there are instances where a sealed record could potentially resurface.

However, the visibility of these records often depends on who’s conducting the investigation.

  • If you’re applying for certain government jobs or positions dealing with vulnerable populations like children or senior citizens, then those entities may be authorized to see sealed data.
  • In contrast, most private employers won’t typically see them unless there’s specific legislation allowing them this privilege.

Remember though that laws vary among states and what one agency can do might differ from another.

FAQs About Sealing Records and FBI Checks

Why Should I Seal my Records?

Oftentimes, past mistakes can continue to haunt you far beyond their actual occurrence. Criminal records, in particular, can pose immense obstacles when pursuing employment or housing opportunities. Sealing your records essentially means these files are hidden from public view. They are not erased but concealed, making them inaccessible during routine background checks by potential employers or landlords.

How does this Relate to FBI Checks?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) maintains a comprehensive database with every individual’s fingerprints and criminal history – if any exists. When your records are sealed at the state level, they disappear from most public perspectives. However, they still exist within federal databases like those maintained by the FBI. This makes them accessible under specific circumstances such as for law enforcement purposes or certain types of job applications (security clearance jobs for example).

  • Does Sealing Affect All Background Checks?

No, sealing your records has limited impact on all background checks especially when it involves the FBI check that is more thorough and extensive than others. It’s important to remember that despite sealing being beneficial in many ways for everyday life hurdles like securing a job or renting an apartment; it doesn’t make you invisible to federal agencies who retain access to these details.

Will A Sealed Record Show Up On An FBI Check? Here's What You Need To Know

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